Colored Glass Wind Chimes – Colorful, Re-purposed and Melodic Too

colored glass wind chimes

I discovered colored glass wind chimes made from recycled glass while browsing online for creative garden decor.  I have looked at wind chimes made from glass just about everywhere in many different designs.  What caught my eye with these is they are made from recycled glass bottles.

Not only are they crafted from recycled colored glass, these colored glass wind chimes are crafted here in the USA.

Decorate the Garden With Recycled Colored Glass Wind Chimes

I believe that there are no rules in garden decor.  Therefore,  anything goes as long as you express who you are!  Also, your garden decor must make you happy!

Additionally for me,  garden art has to be colorful.  Really colorful, so when it’s cloudy, rainy or in the midst of a long drawn out winter, my garden is still happy and vibrant. Anything that reflects light is perfect for my ideal garden decor.  Furthermore, anything that has been re-purposed scores big with me too, so recycled glass wind chimes are on my “want list” for the garden!

I Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime : Emerald Spring Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime : Glacier Blue Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime : Tropical Sunset&

 Colored glass holds a huge appeal for me.  When it comes to the inside my home, I admit I have a slight addiction to colored glass, especially glass bottles.  I love the way the light hits the glass bottles at different angles and changes appearance at different times of the day.  I’m pretty sure that will be the case with colored glass wind chimes as well.

 Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime with Butterfly Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chime Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime with Peace Dove

Carefully Place Your Recycled Glass Wind Chimes 

As noted by the seller, these glass wind chimes are designed for the outdoors.  That said however, carefully consider where to place your glass wind chimes. Seek out a sheltered location.  I think for me a fence post below the fence line is a good idea.  Hang from a hook that extends out from the fence post a bit so the chimes will have enough air movement around them to perform their special chime song and dance  Also the chimes will be out far enough so they don’t bang against the fence as well.

 Fused Glass Wind Chime – Rainbow Colors Fused Glass Wind Chime – Blues & Greens