Crackle Glass Solar Lights – Cool Garden Art for Your Garden

Crackle Globe Solar LightsCrackle glass solar lights in the garden are a cool way to creatively light up your garden both day and night. I’ve recently added a few variations of crackle glass globe solar lights to my garden and I love the result.  I also think they are a super good value in garden decor.  They not only provide needed light to my garden at night, but they also add character and style during the day as well.

How objects reflect and shine in natural light is a real hot button for me.  I just love to see light bouncing off a piece of glass and how it looks in various hues of sunlight.  Crackle glass globe solar lights really throw off a lot of sunlight. The mosaic or fractal pattern of the globes attracts light at all different angles. This gives the crackle glass globe a shimmering jewel-like movement that is so captivating. Your solar crackle globe is busy “working” during the day soaking up all that sunlight in order to do its thing at night.  All this while entertaining you at the same time.

Crackle Glass Solar Lights – Prettier by Day or Night?

Garden Sunlight Shining Sun Solar Powered Color Changing Glass Crackle Stake LightGarden Sunlight Shining Sun Solar Powered Color Changing Glass Crackle Stake Light

You can see in the photo of my sun solar garden stake, it shows off a bright mosaic light by day. Additionally, the little glass jewels suspended between the coppery sun rays are a total added bonus! At night the color-changing crackle glass globe comes to life again to shine in a variety of hues. I have to tell you, I impulsively bought my sun garden stake and didn’t realize I ordered a color-changing crackle glass globe until after I set it up and it came to life at night.

Looking back I’m glad it happened that way. I honestly don’t think I would have purchased it had I known it was going to change colors like a disco ball. I spent a night or so watching it slowly glide through its mesmerizing light show of sparkling colors. Then I decided I really like it. It jazzes up my garden at night with the jewel-toned light display.

crackle solar lights

A Green Solar Crackle Globe For My Hummingbird Garden Stake

Moonrays Solar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird Stake LEDMoonrays Solar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird Stake LED

My Hummingbird Solar Light has a whole different look with his pretty green solar crackle globe. During the day, the globe reflects mostly green tones. Sometimes late in the day in a certain light, the globe almost looks blue. At night the solar crackle glass globe is a beautiful jewel green that sparkles so pretty and almost dainty. This hummingbird solar light doesn’t throw off a ton of bright light at night, because of the warm glowing ambiance he creates it more than makes up for that!

Because of the dimmer light, I placed this in an area where I wouldn’t usually walk at night. The light is also placed away from my other solar crackle lights. As a result, this hummingbird solar light gets everyone’s undivided attention as a hummingbird should!  😉


Hummingbird Solar Light



Glass Solar Jars – Light Up My Garden Pathway


2PACK Solar Glass Jar With Hanger Solar Light Solar Pathway Light Set2PACK Solar Glass Jar With Hanger Solar Light Solar Pathway Light Set

My newest addition of crackle glass solar lights are these hanging glass jar crackle globe solar lights. I am totally enjoying them and have now added two more!  They come in sets of two and four solar jars in my small garden is just the right amount for beautiful nighttime light.  I prefer these to a more conventional garden path light.

I bought a set of adjustable Shepard hooks to hang them from. They hang higher up from the hooks instead of low to the ground. If I want to change them up a bit, the bottom of the solar jars are flat so I could set them on a tabletop or fence post. I think being higher off the ground shows off these crackle glass solar lights both at night with their warm glow and during the day when the sun draws your attention to them.

These lights shine brightly at night to make an excellent pathway light. The way they hang from the Shepard hooks shines the light downwards. By doing this I can easily see where I’m walking at night.  They are high enough to catch your gaze to enjoy their sparking light.

solar jars


The choices for solar crackle lights are varied and unlimited.  I’m going to have to be careful or else my tiny garden is going to be lit up with crackle glass solar lights that can be seen from far, far away 😉