Use a Galvanized Tub for Flowers – Cool Garden Decor

A Galvanized Tub for Flowers – A Unique Garden Plantar

Galvanized Tub for Flowers

I grew tired of my conventional flower pots and this year used a galvanized tub for flowers on my patio.  I was on the lookout for unique containers for gardening when this idea popped up. It was super easy to put together and once I had the items I needed, it was ready and looking great in no time.

I ordered a galvanized tub and potting soil from where else, but Amazon of course. ūüėČ ¬† As you can see, I prefer the oval galvanized tub, but they come in all shapes, styles¬†and sizes to fit any location or setting you choose.

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Putting Together Your Metal Garden Planter is Easy!

Once I received my galvanized metal tub planter, I had a friend drill six small holes in the bottom of the tub since I didn’t have the correct drill bit needed for this task. ¬†I did this for drainage for my galvanized tub planter in case of heavy rain. ¬†If you don’t want to drill holes in your tub (maybe you might use it to hold ice and beverages at a later time) you could also put stones or gravel in the bottom for drainage as well.

Next I filled my metal garden planter with a good organic potting soil.  And finally last but never least, the flowers.  I chose purple petunias and lime green sweet potato vines for my galvanized tub planter for a couple of reasons.  Most important is I love the way the purple and lime green of the sweet potato vines compliment each other.  The eye is immediately drawn the the planter.  Both flowers also look great in the silver metal garden plantar.

I’m also confident both flowers with weather the entire summer well. I want to avoid my galvanized tub planter looking overgrown and exhausted in the dog days of late summer. ¬†Since both choices filled in quickly, the¬†tub had a lush full look in no time.

The Final Touch – Where to Place Your Galvanized Tub for Flowers

The final decision you will have to make is what to place your unique garden planter on. ¬†Really anything goes here and that’s what I love about garden decor…..anything goes! ¬†I chose the cute primitive bench that I picked up for a few dollars at an antique mall. ¬†Really though, you can place your galvanized tub for flowers on any type of bench, plant stand, table…..whatever you choose will look great! ¬†Need some ideas? ¬†Here you go ūüôā

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