Garden Decor Gift Ideas – For the Gardener Who Has Everything

garden decor gift ideasGarden decor gift ideas.  I always have ideas ready, complete with pictures when asked for gift ideas for myself.  I love receiving unique garden gifts.  The more unique the better!

Cool garden decor is a great gift for a gardener.  So often we gardeners focus our attention and finances on plants and flowers. I didn’t purchase any garden decor until my garden was over two years old because I was so involved in planting my garden. Then one day I realized a vital element was missing from my treasured space. Really cool garden decor.  I love receiving cool gardening gifts for any occasion.

I am sharing with you garden decor gifts I would love to receive.  Many of them are on my “gotta have” list. It’s a very long list.  If you have a gardener in your life and are searching for unique garden gifts, I’m pretty sure you will find it here 🙂

Garden Decor Gift Ideas – Glass Garden Stakes

Colorful Glass Bird Garden Stakes, Set of 3Colorful Glass Bird Garden Stakes, Set of 3

Garden Stakes are the best gifts for a gardener. They are garden bling, not necessary, but something you just gotta have.

These glass garden stakes are a bright, bold way to have fun with colorful garden decor. Also, think how they will perk up a dreary winter garden. This set of glass garden stakes is on my list of garden decor gift ideas. They are definitely a unique garden gift and would make themselves at home in virtually any style of garden.

Any gardener will be thrilled to receive any of these glass garden stakes as a garden decor gift.

Fleur De Lis Cast Iron Glass Garden StakeFleur De Lis Cast Iron Glass Garden StakeSolar Crackle Glass Garden StakeSolar Crackle Glass Garden StakePeacock Glass Solar Garden StakePeacock Glass Solar Garden Stake


Garden Spinners and Pinwheels – A Unique Garden Gift Idea

Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball - Unique Outdoor Garden DécorSolar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball – Unique Outdoor Garden Décor

When I look at these metal garden pinwheels, I am reminded of the plastic ones I loved as a kid. They take me back to a simpler less complicated time in life. The metal wind spinner here is so unique. The colors really appeal to me and I can imagine this spinner reflecting these amazing colors in the sun.

To receive one of these metal garden wind spinners as a gift for the garden would be a treasured gift for a long time to come. It would be so mesmerizing to sit and watch the wind catch the pinwheel and see the colors blend gracefully together.  I’m sure your gardener will love on of these.

Not to mention, a metal garden pinwheel would last a whole lot longer that those cute little plastic ones from my childhood. 😉

Metal Sunflower Kinetic Wind SpinnerMetal Sunflower Kinetic Wind SpinnerZinnia Flower Wind Spinner StakeZinnia Flower Wind Spinner StakeConfetti Kinetic Wind SpinnerConfetti Kinetic Wind Spinner


Crystal Prism Suncatchers – A Cool Garden Gift Idea

Crystal Prism Rainbow Octogon Chakra Suncatcher for GiftCrystal Prism Rainbow Octogon Chakra Suncatcher for Gift

Prism Suncatchers are a “can’t go wrong” garden decor gift. I am pretty sure everyone loves a suncatcher and crystal suncatchers with their amazing display of light and color make an excellent gift for your gardener.

I am completely fascinated with how sunlight reflects off glass. It’s almost a requirement for me to have garden decor that somehow reflects light.  In fact, I have several crystal prism suncatchers and love them.

Hanging crystal suncatchers are available in so many different price ranges. You can give it as an individual gift or use an inexpensive prism suncatcher to decorate the box containing a unique garden gift. Either way you can’t miss with this cool garden gift idea.

Crystal Ball Prism SuncatcherCrystal Ball Prism SuncatcherCrystal Ball Prism Butterfly SuncatcherCrystal Ball Prism Butterfly SuncatcherHummingbird Prism SuncatcherHummingbird Prism SuncatcherIcicle Pendant Crystal Prism SuncatcherIcicle Crystal Prism Suncatcher


Garden Gazing Globes Make Great Garden Decor Gift Ideas

1010″ Glow-in-the-Dark Glass Gazing Globe

Some might say garden gazing globes are too old school for today’s gardener. I disagree. Today’s style of outdoor gazing globes crafted from glass or stainless steel offer such a new twist to the old fashioned version. No longer are gazing globes only available in one solid color reflecting something like what you see in a house of mirrors!

Just look at these glass gazing globes offered in such a vast variety of colors, textures and sizes. The gazing globe stands are pretty cool as well.

My favorite is a gazing globe that soaks up the sun during the day and illuminates at night. That way I would have a piece of garden art that shows off day and night as well. I always like getting more for my money. 😉



Glass Gazing Globe And Stand SetGlass Gazing Globe And Stand SetBlue Swirl Glass Gazing BallBlue Swirl Glass Gazing BallMulti Shaped Tile Gazing GlobeMulti Shaped Tile Gazing GlobeCornucopia Folding 10-Inch Globe HolderCornucopia Folding 10-Inch Globe Holder