Glass Hummingbird Ornaments – Cool Hummingbird Yard Art

glass hummingbird ornamentsGlass hummingbird ornaments are a great way to jazz up your garden. I bought this hummingbird ornament and have used him both inside and outdoors.

To say I love hummingbirds is a major understatement.  I am totally fascinated by them. While I’m not a theme-y (is that a word?) kind of person, I do go a little crazy with hummingbird yard art.

Since hummingbirds are a favorite and colored glass is definitely something I love, this hummingbird ornament made himself at home with my garden and other unique garden decor in no time. 🙂


Glass Hummingbird Ornaments Should be in Every Garden

Woodstock Rainbow Maker Fantasy Collection, Hummingbird in Spring PastelsWoodstock Rainbow Maker Fantasy Collection, Hummingbird in Spring Pastels

So maybe I’m biased but really, every garden needs a glass hummingbird ornament. Glass ornaments can be a little delicate, so please take care where you place your hummingbird ornament.

You can also move your hummingbird glass ornament inside at different times of the year. I like my hummingbird ornament suspended in a sunny window to catch every bit of sunlight. The prism throws off tons of little rainbows all afternoon. So cheerful and pretty to see 🙂


Decorate with Hummingbird Ornaments and Add Year Round Color to Your Garden

When buying garden decor, I always consider what will cheer up my garden when my flowers and plants are resting during the winter.  Colorful and cheerful pieces of garden art are a necessity for me.  Then I can enjoy my garden every single day.  Rain or shine.  Sun or gloom.  Hot or frigid. You get the picture. 🙂

Rainbow Maker Glass- HummingbirdRainbow Maker Glass- HummingbirdHummingbird OrnamentHummingbird OrnamentGlass Ornament HummingbirdGlass Ornament HummingbirdGlass Hummingbird OrnamentGlass Hummingbird Ornament


Glass Hummingbird Ornaments Love Hanging out in the Garden

hummingbird ornamentWhen my glass hummingbird ornament is hanging out in my garden, I’m really careful where I place him.  I’ve found hanging him from a short Shepard’s hook away from foot traffic works well.

Additionally, placing your hummingbird ornament lower to the ground reduces wind gusts that could cause potential damage.  Also hang your hummingbird just by the little string that he comes with to reduce the chance of him hitting something as well.

Always consider where your hummingbird ornament will catch the most sunlight. I’m really crazy about light, reflections and colored glass.  If you’ve read any of my other posts, you already know this. 😉

Hummingbird Suncatcher Glass Yard OrnamentHummingbird Suncatcher Glass Yard OrnamentHummingbird with Crystal Bead Glass FigurinesHummingbird with Crystal Bead Glass FigurinesLabrie Glass Hummingbird OrnamentLabrie Glass Hummingbird Ornament


Hummingbird Ornaments Make Cool Christmas Ornaments as Well

I’m considering decorating with hummingbird Christmas ornaments. Maybe I will even put a tree outdoors in the garden with Hummingbird ornaments.  Check back if this interests you as I will certainly post pictures.  Do you have an idea for using hummingbird ornaments to decorate for Christmas as well?