Hummingbird Yard Art – Make Your Garden a Happy Place

hummingbird yard artHummingbird yard art makes any garden a happy place!  I mean who doesn’t love hummingbirds?  They are fascinating to watch.  When the real deal visits my garden, they always make me smile. They truly have the ability to chase away a crappy day.  I guess that’s what makes them so endearing 🙂

Why not pay homage to the incredible hummingbird with some cool hummingbird yard art?

When decorating, I usually stay away from anything theme related.   Hummingbirds have changed this self imposed decorating rule. They are irresistible to me.


Hummingbird Ornaments Can Hang Out Anywhere

Metal & Glass Hummingbird Ornament with BellMetal & Glass Hummingbird Ornament with Bell

This interesting piece of Hummingbird yard art gives me so much pleasure! Like a lot of my garden decor, I often move this hummingbird ornament around both indoors and outdoors.

I especially love the iridescent green metal and glass. When the light hits the metal it warmly glows. I also love the red glass ball that hangs just above the bell.

The bell has a tarnished, distressed look that is pretty cool. The bell does “ring” occasionally, but only on super windy days. My garden is very sheltered so it takes a pretty good breeze to move this Hummingbird ornament.  Now that I’ve had this particular hummingbird ornament for a couple of years, the ornament has aged well.  Not too much wear and tear, just nicely distressed and vintage looking.

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Hummingbird Solar Garden Stake – Very Cool Hummingbird Yard Art

solar hummingbird garden stakeMy solar Hummingbird garden stake, pictured here, has been a favorite addition to my garden.  The green colored crackle glass catches different angles of sunlight throughout the day .  This creates a fascinating piece of garden decor.

Then night comes along and the crackle glass solar light kicks in.  It’s the prettiest green color and illuminates very well. I like to keep my Hummingbird Solar Light off to himself.  The sparkling green deserves to be a focal point, set apart from my other crackle glass solar lights.

I love the idea of garden decor that serves a purpose both day and night.  Hummingbird solar garden stakes do that very well.

Solar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird StakeSolar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird StakeSolar Stake with Acrylic Light Bar, HummingbirdSolar Stake with Acrylic Light Bar, HummingbirdSolar or Battery Powered Fluttering HummingbirdSolar or Battery Powered Fluttering HummingbirdContinental Art Solar Hummingbird Garden StakeContinental Art Solar Hummingbird Garden Stake

Hummingbird Garden Plaques for Your Hummingbird Garden Art Collection

Hummingbird Yard ArtWhether delivering a cute message or displaying a hummingbird in some fashion, a hummingbird plaque is a perfect addition to your garden.

You can place a plaque or sign outside the entrance to your home to greet your guests.  Hummingbird garden plaques displayed on your garden fence or wall make a great statement as well.

Another idea is to hang a plaque from a Shepard’s hook.  This easily can be moved around the garden.  I love mobile garden decor. I feel like I’m getting more for my money. 😉

13-Inch Iron Hummingbird Design Wall Plaques, Medium13-Inch Iron Hummingbird Design Wall Plaques, MediumHummingbird & Trumpet Welcome SignHummingbird & Trumpet Welcome SignHummingbird Inspirational Wall PlaqueHummingbird Inspirational Wall PlaqueHummingbird Welcome Friends Metal Wall PlaqueHummingbird Welcome Friends Metal Wall Plaque


Hummingbird Wind Chimes – Cool Hummingbird Yard Art

My next addition of Hummingbird yard decor will most definitely be Hummingbird Wind Chimes.  Both wind chimes and hummingbirds bring happiness and cheer to the garden.  Together, they add an enchanting element to the spirit of the garden.

I’ve been looking for just the right wind chime as my space is limited.  Here are a few that caught my eye. Decisions, decisions….. 😉


Woodstock Habitats, Hummingbird ChimeWoodstock Habitats, Hummingbird ChimeWoodstock Habitats, Hummingbird SpiralWoodstock Habitats, Hummingbird SpiralSolar Hummingbird Wind ChimeSolar Hummingbird Wind ChimeBejeweled Display® Hummingbird ChimesBejeweled Display® Hummingbird ChimesWoodstock Designs, Hummer ChimeWoodstock Designs, Hummer ChimeRed Carpet Studios Hummingbird ChimeRed Carpet Studios Hummingbird ChimeWind Chime Copper & Gem HummingbirdWind Chime Copper & Gem HummingbirdCopper Wind Chime HummingbirdCopper Wind Chime Hummingbird


Hummingbird Yard Art Making a Winter Garden a Very Happy Place

Hummingbird garden decor makes a huge difference in my garden in winter months.  I can’t begin to tell you how much it cheers me up to look outside and see this.  I love garden decor that looks great year round!  It’s cool that I can enjoy hummingbirds year round, even though the real life version has to winter in warmer climates in my area.

Hummingbird Decor