Laughing Buddha for the Garden – Lucky Garden Art!

laughing Buddha for the Garden

A laughing Buddha for the garden, like mine pictured here, adds cheer to virtually any garden.  I have had my Buddha for years in a variety of settings.  He has survived moving several times and suffered a couple of chips here and there from rowdy kids. Yet he is still with me, always laughing, always happy.

Laughing Buddha Garden Statues Bring Good Luck

It is believed Buddha statues bring good luck to their owners.  His big belly is a symbol of luck, happiness, and prosperity.  I’m not sure if the luck part is true or not.  I do know my laughing Buddha always cheers me up just by being himself.  Laughing and happy.  Because of this, he will remain a lifelong friend.

A Laughing Buddha for the Garden Creates an Ideal Focal Point

There is any number of settings a Buddha garden statue can rest to bring cheer and good luck to your garden.  These days my Buddha statue is happily chilling in a shady area under a rose bush.

My Buddha statue has been placed front and center on a table outdoors. Then visitors could smile and rub his belly for good luck while enjoying his company. Placed in a visible area, Buddha garden statues make an interesting conversation piece while creating a happy vibe!


Happy Laughing Outdoor Garden StatueHappy Laughing Outdoor Garden StatueHappy Laughing Outdoor Garden Statue

Place the statue facing the entrance of your garden so he can greet all who enter. Yet another Buddha garden idea is to nestle him in a subtle location, say among some flowers.  No matter where you decide to place your laughing Buddha statue, just make sure you can always see his happy, smiling face!


Design Toscano Jolly Hotei Laughing Buddha Asian Decor Garden Statue, 25 Inch, Two Tone StoneDesign Toscano Jolly Hotei Laughing Buddha Asian Decor Garden Statue, 25 Inch, Two Tone StoneDesign Toscano Jolly Hotei Laughing Buddha Asian Decor Garden Statue, 25 Inch, Two Tone Stone

No matter where you choose to place your Buddha, it is always best to allow him to be the center of attention. He is just that kind of guy. Always hamming it up 😉   Therefore be sure to keep other attention-grabbing garden decor away from him. 

A Buddha garden statue naturally fits in Zen-style gardens. That said, I believe there are no defined rules in the affairs of garden decor.  If your Buddha garden statue is the only Zen fixture in your garden, as long as he makes you happy, then a laughing Buddha is perfect for your garden.

Buddha Statues

&– Available in Different Flavors

A Laughing Buddha for the Garden – In Different “Flavors”

My Buddha statue is made of concrete.  He is very heavy.  The benefit of a concrete statue is it can withstand all the outdoor elements. Beware of locating your concrete Buddha in the path of toes.  I know this pain and you don’t want to.  I have painted him a few times over the years.  This is a benefit of choosing a concrete laughing Buddha, you can redecorate him as often as you like!

Buddha’s crafted from natural stone truly passes the test of time.  While they cost more than other forms, you are all but guaranteed a lifelong laughing Buddha. Laughing Buddhas made from stone come in a variety of finishes to compliment your garden setting.

Majestic Praying Happy Buddha Statue

from: Buddha Groove

There are other alternatives as well. Polyresin is much lighter and weathers the elements well.  Polyresin is produced in a variety of colors and hues to compliment your garden.


Wooden Buddha garden statues, while warm and rich looking are a little less practical for the outdoors.  Be sure to display these in a covered, sheltered area for protection. I love the way wooden Buddha statues look.  The wood is so warm and rich-looking. They have a completely different vibe from their stone Buddha cousins.


Wooden Laughing BuddhaWooden Laughing BuddhaWooden Laughing Buddha

Buddha Statues