A Solar Hummingbird Garden Stake Lights My Garden

solar hummingbird garden stake

I stumbled upon this solar hummingbird garden stake while shopping for outdoor solar garden lights. I assumed I would wind up with a set of ho-hum garden path lights.  Without a second thought,  I impulsively ordered this hummingbird solar light.

It’s been a while and unlike other impulse purchases, I have no regrets. I’ve shopped quite a bit for decorative solar garden stakes, but so many of them looked a bit, well…. cheesy. Others were out of my budget, but this little guy fits right in, both to my taste as well as my pocketbook.

Hummingbirds and Hummingbird Yard Art

I love hummingbird yard art because hummingbirds themselves fascinate me. When I created my garden, I focused heavily on flowers that naturally attract hummingbirds.  So far I’ve attracted a pretty steady flow of hummingbird traffic while refraining from “cheating” with a feeder.  A solar hummingbird garden stake seemed like the perfect way to compliment my hummingbird garden.

 This Solar Hummingbird Garden Stake Has Vivid Colors

Moonrays 91444 Solar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird Stake LED Light, Metal & GlassMoonrays 91444 Solar Powered Garden Glass Hummingbird Stake LED Light, Metal & Glass

So about this hummingbird garden stake and what I love about it. First are the daylight features. The colors of the glass are jewel tones primarily in greens and blues with an orange, gold hue as well.

As you can see in the photo, the colors are vivid and iridescent in the sunlight.  Depending on the light, the iridescent colors take on different tones.  There is something about colored glass in the sunlight that I am addicted to. 

At night the light is a warm green color in a crackle glass globe that warms the night. It’s a steady light as opposed to some garden stakes that change to different colors, kind of like a disco ball.

My Solar Hummingbird is Well Constructed Too!

The “frame” of the hummingbird, if you will, is crafted with a brassy looking metal that is sturdy and lovely in the light (how things look in the light are a really big deal to me). The stake is super easy to assemble and has been upright and sturdy in all of the locations I’ve placed my solar hummingbird garden stake……yes I move him around a bit 🙂

The battery seems to hold a good charge. I’m an early riser and during the summer he’s often shining brightly on the days I get up before daylight.  Just one decorative solar garden light is not enough to provide sufficient light in my small garden at night.  I am on the lookout for a few more solar garden decorations.  Who knows, I may even throw in a few “ho-hum” garden path lights as well!